Alterra Capital

Creating affordable solutions for demanding clients


Our expertise as property developers in the real estate market allows us to offer tailor-made solutions to meeting your requirements. We know the regional market and are committed to offering you unsurpassed service. Whether you are looking for a coastal villa, an apartment in the city or investment properties to growing your personal wealth, we can find or create opportunities that will satisfy your demands. Our team of architects, engineers, real estate experts and legal advisors are focused on creating the perfect outcome for you. Our offers are tailored to meet your needs and taste.

Our Core Values


Integrity and work ethics are the imperatives guiding our behavior and determine our workplace, unyielding and uncompromising.


We believe Innovation is all around us and we include the latest construction methods and materials as well as digital content for modern living.


A safe work environment is our top priority. It is everyone's responsibility and no decision or action may lead to harm or injury to anyone.